February, 2015: Refreshing Your Home in Time for Spring

Spring is almost here and it's a great time to refresh your home's interior.

Like all successful initiatives, updating your home begins with an idea or objective. As a professional interior designer I can help you realize your vision by developing a plan that meets your schedule and budget.

Getting started is often the most challenging aspect of any project. But an easy way to brighten your home is to transform walls by selecting a new color scheme -- and what's more fun than selecting new paint colors? Starting with colors, I can help you create a room that is a true reflection of yourself.

Another great starting point is to select a single item to replace. In the living room maybe it's an old sofa or a huge armoire that no longer holds the television. In the bedroom, perhaps it's swapping out the old headboard with an upholstered replacement to produce a high-impact change. With an unbiased eye toward your objective, I can help you determine the items that can stay and which need to go -- in terms of furniture, window treatments, color, etc.

Updating window treatments is another great way to add interest and transform a room. Based upon my experience, I can help you coordinate patterns and colors that bring your room "to life."

New sofa, ottoman, chair and lamps with the addition
of foliage, area rug and unifying pillows and window treatments.

If you own a rental property or are thinking about selling, don't forget properties with a fresh look always capture the highest rates and resale prices.

Spring is almost here and I would welcome the opportunity to help you transform your home so it reflects your personality and supports your lifestyle. Call me to discuss a complimentary consultation.

Together we can tackle projects of any size to make sure you and your budget are infinitely happy. And as a professional interior designer, I can make your spring cleaning experience easy and fun.

Cheryl Wilson
Interior Designer