November, 2014: Keeping Up with the World of Interior Design

With 11.5 million square feet of show space in 160 separate buildings, the International Home Furnishings Market is like Fashion Week for the furniture industry. Top manufacturers, designers and the like come to one small city, two times a year, to predict, show off and find the top trends in home furnishings. There was without a doubt, more than one could see in a single week but Plantation Interiors discovered some of the finest, most desirable fashions and trends to bring home to our clients.

Some of the current trends are follow-ups from years past and some are making their way into Market for the first time. Styles reaching into art, history and nature are all popular with decade revival in mind and mid-century modern pieces standing out. Classical and traditional silhouettes with updated looks and colors aid in the mixing and matching of different periods and furniture styles. Organic shapes and unexpected materials are bringing furnishings a fresher face from the geometric and static pieces of the past few seasons. History is repeating itself with re-imagined fretwork on case goods and flame stitch and iKat fabrics taking stage in most show rooms. In addition to these historical trends, large and exaggerated prints are making their way into the design world thanks to updated technology and processes.

Market 2014
Century High Point Market Showroom

It seems like just yesterday that the accent metals used were silver and bronze. Five years ago, many manufacturers, designers and clients disregarded bronze as a usable or fashionable feature. But in today’s designs, good brass has richness and patina that brings warmth and a timeless feel to the furniture world. It was seen everywhere from lighting, to accent tables, to even whole beds. Other accents spotted at market were the use of Lucite and acrylics on chair legs and case goods, small copper pieces, and artistically placed nail heads.

The most notable trend seen at the Fall 2014 Market was color, and lots of it! Pretty much any bright, bold color you can imagine was used throughout all of the showrooms. Manufacturers like Century have red and peacock blue as their “it” colors currently and many others aren’t falling far behind. Red was seen in every showroom we visited. From plum, burgundy, and deep jewel red to terracotta and a washed hue, manufacturers are using it everywhere and in every way. In addition, anyone who has been around for the last couple of Markets has an idea that blue has been rampant every year, and that’s not changing anytime soon. From cobalt, lapis, robin’s egg, and Century’s trendy peacock, blue will remain strong and classic. Beige is continuing to be phased out as the neutral of choice and gray and taupe are still paving their way into the number one neutral spot. As Mitzi Beach, ASID,CAPS, of Kansas wisely stated, “the colors and styles we use are a reflection of politics and the economy. The use of more color is a sign that things are looking up”.

Market 2014
Lorts High Point Market Showroom

Interior design trends rarely ever stay the same but at Plantation Interiors, we strive to find a timeless and tasteful design centered on the needs and wants of every client, while staying up to date in the world today. We make every effort to create classic, enduring spaces suited to every lifestyle and individual according to their tastes.