June, 2019: Fabulous, Phased Interior Updates

When the owner of a six-bedroom home with a spectacular sound and oceanfront view sought to update their home, they reached out to Susan Henz. Rather than tackling the entire home, a phased approach was developed to methodically update the home as schedules permit.

Exceptional Views

Given the beautiful views, it was natural to start with the central gathering place of the home -- the living room. Understanding the home also serves as a rental property, the design needed to be visually impactful, functional and exceptionally durable.

Working with the homeowner, a budget and schedule were established to deliver maximum impact. A bright coastal, waterfront-living palate consisting of neutrals and whites, bright blues, and vibrant patterns was recommended.

Comfortable TV Viewing

To begin the makeover, a quality sectional sofa capable of withstanding regular use was selected. Given the color of the sofa, a high-performance Crypton fabric was an essential choice. Today's performance fabrics are stain, odor and moisture resistant and can easily be spot cleaned and deep cleaned by professionals. Looking forward, the purchase of two sets of slipcovers was recommended to keep the sofa looking fresh and new for years to come.

Great Conversation Area

To add color to the space, bright blue accent chairs, pillows with vibrant patterns and a complementary rug were included in the design.

The design and selections work for two key reasons. First, the color palate allows the outdoor ocean blues and natural greens to become the focus -- not competing with interior colors. Second, the choice of quality, durable furniture enables the fabric to be cleaned or refreshed with new or recovered cushions -- avoiding the expense of replacing the entire piece. Quality furniture will always save homeowners money over the medium and long term.

Beautiful Water Views

With the main living space updated, it's on to the next phases -- the outdoor living area followed by the bedrooms.

If you're thinking of updating a room or your entire home, please contact me. I'll develop a plan that suits your taste, schedule and budget. And I'm confident you'll be inspired and pleased.

Susan Henz

Susan can be reached at 843.785.5261 or by email at susan@plantationinteriors.com to discuss the transformation of selected rooms or your entire home.