September, 2014: Interior Designer Dean Huntley Defines 'Lowcountry' Design

With the growing popularity of living in the Hilton Head Island and Bluffton areas, many owners and visitors often hear properties described as "Lowcountry." But what, precisely, does this mean?

In the September 2014 edition of Hilton Head Monthly, Dean Huntley of Plantation Interiors shares her thoughts regarding the illusive definition of the Lowcountry design.

"A Lowcountry home focuses upon comfort" -- for the owner as well as visiting friends and family. Informality has replaced formal dining and living rooms.

Lowcountry Living Room

Stylistically, Lowcountry design is a combination of beautiful workmanship and the individual preferences of the owner -- which may include walls of buttboard, beadboard, stone or other materials such as linen wall coverings, fireplaces indoors and out, forged metal transoms and large windows to exquisite views.

Lowcountry Bedroom

"Gone are bamboo motifs, lime greens and palm tree wallpaper." Today’s colors are soft grays, soft tans, soft blues and soft greens -- with reds, vibrant yellows and oranges for the "trendsetter."

Lowcountry Office

Importantly, a Lowcountry home is about keeping life simple and taking advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings available to us every day -- from the water views to the white sand to the green fairways that adorn the Hilton Head area. "You always bring the outdoors in and for certain situations eliminate the need for window coverings."

Lowcountry Patio

Life in the Lowcountry is relaxing and easy. And homes that share this spirit tend to have large windows, ample outdoor living areas, and indoor rooms that enable family and guests to easily interact regardless of the number of people.

Lowcountry Kitchen

Lowcountry living is indeed a blessing. A Lowcountry home reflects how the owners choose to live. And this is often best characterized with a few key words that include: comfort, casual, outdoor and personal.

Lowcountry Living

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