Designing Interiors Beyond the Lowcountry
by Denise Stringer

Over the years, clients have often requested my design services for properties beyond the Hilton Head area. As a result, I have traveled across the United States and Internationally creating dream homes for discerning clientele.

Here is a glimpse into one such project and its rewarding career challenge. Now escape to the Adirondack Mountains and enjoy this read.....

With the acquisition of a 20,000 square foot existing residence nestled in the Adirondack Mountains north of Lake Placid, the new owners sought to renovate and transform the property into a relaxing, rustic retreat with the look and feel of an Adirondack lodge. The objective was to bring in the breathtaking mountain and lake views from the 3,000 acre property into their home - capturing the scenic backdrop which was the perfect environment for fishing, hunting, horseback riding and family gatherings.
  • Adirondack Exterior
  • Adirondack Porch
To transform the original building, the entire interior was removed allowing a complete architectural, functional and aesthetic makeover - with the exterior experiencing a renovation of similar magnitude. Given the sheer size of the main structure and adjacent buildings, the reconstruction occurred in multiple phases - affording focus and providing living quarters during the process given the home's remote location.
  • Adirondack Renovation Fireplace
  • Adirondack Renovation Walls
A key challenge involved dividing the 20,000 square feet into intimate, functional spaces, while minimizing the home's grand height and scale. Interior walls, particularly of the kitchen, library, family room and separate bar, were carefully located to maintain sight lines into the main Great Room. Addition of a horizontal tier divided the large, open space of the Great Room into separate lounge and recreation areas.
  • Adirondack Great Room
  • Adirondack Kitchen
  • Adirondack Pool Room
To accomplish the rustic, Adirondack-inspired atmosphere, the redesigned home incorporated natural materials acquired directly from their property. Most notably, indigenous trees were stripped of their bark and transformed into unique structural and visual elements throughout the project. Stones for the massive three story fireplace were obtained from the local area, as was the stacked granite and granite slabs.
  • Adirondack Game Room
  • Adirondack Dining Table
With soaring ceiling heights approaching 30 feet, another challenge involved furnishing and lighting the volume of space with the appropriate scale- transforming openness into warm, comfortable and intimate spaces. As one might expect, most furniture, area rugs and lighting fixtures had to be custom sized to be scale appropriate for each room. Many of the rustic furniture pieces were handcrafted by Adirondack artisans who incorporated locally harvested birch bark, twigs, tree roots and antlers. One such creation was the custom dining table which was designed to seat 16 people.
  • Adirondack Great Room
  • Adirondack  Media Room
  • Adirondack Custom Hutch
  • Adirondack Custom Bed
  • Adirondack Power Room
With the abundance of warm wood tones from the rough-sawn pine floors to the stained wood ceiling and beams, the task to effectively illuminate the home was substantial. The solution involved large, custom designed chandeliers and sconces assisted with generous amounts of up and indirect lighting. To naturally light rooms and seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor environments, large window walls were incorporated, such as in the Master Suite hence capturing their lake and mountain views.
  • Adirondack Master Bedroom
  • Adirondack Master Bedroom
The home blends so well into its natural surroundings, some true local residents, the bears, also sought cohabitation. Perhaps seeking food, a bear clawed open a delivered package - damaging the down filled pillows within. Since then, the pillows have been re-stuffed and currently adorn the appropriately named "Three Bears Guest Suite". Now that's an endorsement not commonly available for any project.
  • Adirondack Three Bears Room
  • Adirondack Retreat
Whether your next project will be on Hilton Head Island, within the United States or Internationally, I invite the opportunity to discuss your project with you. With my 30 years of award-winning design experience, I am confident that together we can create your dream home.

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