February, 2014: Dudley King is Recognized by Hilton Head Community

In today's world, businesses embody the attitudes and philosophies of the owners, management and employees. With more than four decades diligently serving homeowners and businesses in the Lowcountry and around the world, Plantation Interiors is no exception.

Recently the president of Plantation Interiors, Mr. Dudley King, was recognized by Hilton Head Monthly for quietly serving the community. During his 30 years building Plantation Interiors, Dudley contributed his time and talents to numerous community organizations.

A partial list includes: Hilton Head Island Community Association, Art & Cultural Council of Hilton Head, Arts Center of Coastal Carolina, Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce, The Children's Center, Caring Coins Foundation, Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, and Hilton Head Island Institute.

Similar to Dudley's passion for building a thriving business and serving the community, Plantation Interiors has an unparalleled drive to quietly help clients convert a house into a treasured home for the entire family.

Welcome to Plantataion InteriorsAs with philanthropic work, everyone at Plantation Interiors is dedicated to listening, building bridges and finding just the right solution.

We invite you to visit Plantation Interiors. Not only can you learn more about how Plantation Interiors serves the community, but you can also meet our team of designers and learn how they can serve you.

We look forward to seeing you.

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